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Basic Data

Near the Starbase11, in the Gamma Quadrant, in the Sagittarius arm, near Beruna planet lays a beautiful planet called Tiberius. It is located 40 light years away from Earth and the gravity here is 20 times higher than Earth’s. The people there are the strongest in the whole universe so they can move, since the gravity there is so high. The size of Tiberius is about 3 times bigger than Earth’s and it takes 200 years to go around it only once. They celebrate the Christmas  every 1,000 Earth years. They celebrate this day as if it was their New Year and like humans that celebrate this day as Jesus’s birth. This planet is known for its variety of colors. The variety of colorful flowers you can see in the beautiful gardens, full of flowers. If you see this planet in a telescope with an orange filter you can reduce the brightness from the blue sky and see the magnificent blue, orange, and green colors in the atmosphere. They call their atmosphere the warmth blanket. These colors are made by the different gasses in the atmosphere. Like the oxygen, greenhouse gasses and, a special gas that you can only find in this planet it is called, called gas Putso Lente. When using the Blue filter, you notice the wonderful comets that the Pulcharm Flos collect from outer space and then release with this massive catapults. They use them to celebrate especial events like the president’s birthday, Christmas/New Year, and the king and Queen’s birthday. 

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